Floating In The Ocean: A Guided Meditation For Trust


Guided meditations are a great way to encourage deep listening, present moment awareness, and to become mindful of your thoughts and feelings.

This particular guided meditation is written in a specific manner that utilizes suggestive language patterns to speak to your subconscious. As changing existing beliefs can sometimes be difficult, a little extra support in your practice will help you integrate more trust in your life.

To harness the full benefits of this practice, we suggest that you find a quiet, safe, and relaxing space to enjoy it. If you’re somewhere like in an office, a bus, or a location that isn’t conducive to laying down, that’s okay. Try to be as comfortable as possible, wherever you are.

Take your time and enjoy this little mindful journey.

May it bring you peace and open your heart to trust…

Guided meditation for trust

Start by making yourself very comfortable. Find a calm and quiet place to lay down and relax. Wherever you are, find a comfortable resting position… maybe you want to close your eyes now… maybe you want to do that a little later… It’s up to you…Just listen to the music in the background and relax. Be proud of yourself for making the time to be here…. to care for yourself… to be present… to open your heart to trust.

Maybe you begin realize how you can slowly feel your breath… How you relax a little more with every breath… How you can feel your chest rising with every inhale… How you can feel your chest falling with every exhale. With every long inhale, you can feel the air streaming into your body… With every exhale, you can feel it streaming out of your body. With every deep inhale you can feel your lungs filling with air… With every deep exhale you can feel your whole body relaxing. And with every exhale… you can feel yourself letting go of any tension you might be holding in your body. With every deep inhale, you allow yourself to invite more and more relaxation into your body…

Relax… Imagine how you start to feel more relaxed with every exhale… How one part of your body after another relaxes more and more… Your forehead… your cheeks… Release your tongue from the upper palate of your mouth and relax your jaw… Relax your face…. your neck… your shoulders… your arms… down to your fingertips… Relax your chest… your tummy… your back… your hips… your legs… on the front and along the backside… down to the tips of your toes… Feel your whole body now… your whole body is totally relaxed… totally relaxed… There is nothing else to do… and there are no mistakes… Everything is okay here… You are in a safe place… Relaxed and safe…

And slowly your body and soul start to float into another space and time… Away from here… to a different place. And you find yourself at the beach. What a beautiful feeling… you are lying on your beach towel. Nobody is around. You are all by yourself here. It is your secret place and you come here to recharge and to learn more about yourself. Take a deep breath in. The air smells wonderful here. Salty… fresh… freedom. And knowing that you are close to the ocean relaxes you even more… Enjoy… Just be here. Just be. There is nothing more to do for you than being and enjoying. Allow yourself to enjoy and relax. It is all you came here for. You can hear the sound of the waves… whoosh… whoosh… whoosh… like a rhythm that you know from a long time ago. The ocean speaks the language of your soul… listen closely.

And the sound of the waves and the salty air invites you… it invites you to come closer to the water. The feeling of the sand between your toes brings back childhood joys… Building sand castles… running around at the beach… the smell of ice cream and watermelon.

As you dip your feet into the refreshing ocean, you feel even more connected to this freedom that surrounds you. It’s just you here, alone with this beautiful ocean… where your soul has so much space… space to spread… to shine even brighter. Look around your feet. What do you find? Are there shells? Is there softly polished beach glass? Is there a message in a bottle? The ocean is calling you…

And then… you begin to feel the pull, you are overcome with a desire to want to dive right into the ocean. To be in it… to live it… to be a part of it. And as the next wave rolls towards you, you dive right into the blue, clear water. Your face feels refreshed. Your whole body is cooling down and it feels light because the water is carrying you.

And you swim through the small waves… The ocean is calm today. It looks almost like glass. It’s peaceful… almost silent with the odd ripple of water along the beach… just like your soul and the blue ocean. And you decide, to turn around on your back… some little movements of your arms and legs help you to find balance as you effortlessly lay back and face the sky. Imagine how it would feel like to be carried by the water completely. Without any struggle… just floating on the water. Lying in the water… doing nothing for it… besides trusting. Trusting the ocean to hold you.

And then… you decide to lean your head back and let go of any movements of your arms and legs. You float! The ocean is carrying you. The water is supporting you. And you take a deep breath in… and a deep breath out… and breathing deeply lifts your body even more out of the water. Let go of your fears. You are a part of the ocean… and you’re floating safely in its embrace. The soft movements of the water rock your body gently. You are safe. Safe and carried by the ocean. Loved by the universe, just because you are. And as you realize this, your lips draw a smile on your face. You can feel the sun on your face, as if it too is now smiling. The warm rays of sun on your eyelids make your face relax even more… as your body is carried by the endless ocean. You should be proud of yourself, that you are brave enough to trust. And your gift for this trust is support, love, and even more relaxation. And if you want to, you can thank the ocean for carrying you.

After a long inhale and exhale, you feel ready to swim back to the beach. Walking out of the ocean you see a very special shell in the water. Reach for it. Feel its texture between your fingers. Look closely at it. It is just for you and you can take it home with you. It is the ocean thanking you for letting go of fears and trusting the support of the water. The ocean is reminding you that trust will lead you far, because it means the end of struggle.

And as you walk back to your towel, you also come back from this little journey. And step one… you feel absolutely refreshed and awake again. Step two… you are even more ready to come back from your secret place. And with step three, you open your eyes and find yourself in the here and now again.

Welcome back to the present moment.

Such a beautiful moment.

meditation for trust

Photos thanks to Frank McKenna, Shoot ‘N Design, Adam Cain & The Mindful Panda

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