21 Reasons Why Men Should Do Yoga


Have you ever wondered why yoga is good for men?

Odd question, isn’t it?

But when you search for information related to yoga, you’ll be hard pressed to find images of men. In fact, yoga is often portrayed as a leisurely or athletic activity for young, thin, fit women.

Despite all the marketing and advertisements, at its very core, yoga offers immense benefits to men. In fact, it has even been shown to benefit men’s health, particularly issues relating to prostate, erectile dysfunction, and fertility. Yoga has also been found to increase men’s sexual performance and sperm quality.

Add on bonuses such as body sculpting, reduced stress, and improved relaxation, and you’ve got a few good reasons to read on.

We thought it was about time to take a look at what this ancient tradition has to offer for the male mind, body, and soul.

(And spoiler alert… it has nothing to do with checking out girls in tight pants.)

21 Reasons why men should do yoga:

1. Stress and anxiety reduction

The ancient practice of yoga is often seen as a form of mind-body medicine. Among its many benefits, yoga practitioners experience reduced stress and anxiety, improved mental health, and have a reduced risk of developing cardio-respiratory diseases.

2. Increased flexibility

There’s no denying that many yoga postures require a great deal of flexibility. Regular practice can dramatically increase your range of motion. For men who spend a lot of time sitting at the computer or engaged in physically demanding professions, yoga may offer immense relief from muscle soreness and reduce feelings of stiffness.

3. Push your limits

Yoga is a great way to push your limits. As most poses offer different levels of challenge, there is always an opportunity to deepen your practice and try something new. Pushing yourself in class will also inspire more courage off the mat.

4. Increased stamina and athletic performance

Yoga helps to increase your stamina in both physical and mental capacities. By training your body to deliver oxygen to vital muscle groups and training your mind to push through difficult tasks, yoga can help you become a better athlete all around.

5. Weight loss

If you’re overweight, then you likely know first-hand how difficult it can be to shed some extra pounds. Trying to find an exercise that is enjoyable, affordable, and interesting is not always easy either. Yoga, with its physically demanding postures, breathing exercises, and deep relaxation techniques can be an effective part of your weight loss program.

6. Improved sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, yoga might just be your next best friend. A study was conducted on 410 individuals suffering from moderate to severe sleep disruption. Findings indicate that yoga-based programs were effective for improving overall sleep quality among participants, as well as reducing dependence on sleep medications.

7. Digestion

How’s your tummy feeling these days? Studies have found that yoga can be of immense benefit to the treatment and prevention of digestive disorders. By learning to calm the mind, you can also experience relief from stress-related gastro-intestinal ailments.

8. Increased sexual performance

Yoga can also help you improve things in the bedroom. A recent study conducted on men between the ages of 24-60, found that yoga improved all aspects of the studied sexual functions. Things like desire, performance, confidence, erection, ejaculatory control, orgasm, and being in sync with their partner benefited from yoga practice.

9. Improves focus and concentration

Improved memory, shorter reaction time, and greater capacity for abstract thinking are some of the immediate effects found after participating in yoga. If you’re struggling to pay attention at work, yoga could be of help. It challenges you to practice mindful breathing and movement. In the process, you develop better concentration and awareness.

10. Men’s health

If the physical and mental benefits of yoga haven’t convinced you, how about its benefits for men’s health. Yoga has also been linked with increased sperm quality, improved prostate health, and is considered an effective natural treatment for mild erectile dysfunction. Yoga is also known to reduce stress, a condition known to reduce testosterone levels.

11. Develops a mindful relationship with the body

Yoga helps you develop a more mindful relationship with your body. How often outside of class do you regularly practice body scans or take note of how the different parts of your body feel? Practicing yoga helps you become more aware of what your body needs, whether that is rest, better food, or a little TLC.

12. Increased strength

Yoga poses force you to lift, move, bend, and support your own bodyweight. In a way, each time you do a yoga class, you’re lifting weights… your own weight! A combination of yoga and weight training may help you see faster results including toning, weight loss, and muscle sculpting.

13. Fertility

If you regularly find yourself feeling stressed out, you might begin to notice problems with your male plumbing. Most noticeably, not being able to make a baby. Emotional stress has been linked with reduced sperm cell production and is considered a risk factor for infertility. Because stress causes changes in testosterone levels, doing some yoga might help reduce your stress levels and get you back on track for the daddy train.

14. Core strengthening

It takes a great deal of core strength to achieve many yoga positions. Just try out a Vinyasa or power flow class and you’ll see fast enough that regardless of how strong your upper body or trunk might be, balances and flows are incredibly challenging without a strong core. Yoga uses your body weight to train your muscles and build up strength while at the same time teaching you how to breathe and be flexible. A stronger core will help with balance, posture, and overall increased strength.

15. Improved balance

It’s not a surprise that yoga helps improve your balance. By strengthening your core muscles, improving your focus, and engaging in the poses, yoga forces you to work on your wobble.

16. Improved work performance

Prolonged excessive stress in the office can cause health issues such as back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, and headaches. According to a recent study, practicing yoga at work is an effective way to improve job performance by reducing stress, tension, and pain.

17. Alternative treatment

If you’re suffering from a health condition, ask your doctor what kinds of alternative treatment are available to you. Yoga is becoming more commonly prescribed as complimentary therapy for conditions such as cancer, eating disorders, hypertension, and pain relief.

18. Promotes better posture

One of the important parts of yoga is the awareness it helps bring to the body. If you find your posture resembling something like a Walking Dead zombie, chances are your body could use a little help. Sitting at a desk all day or using straining equipment often leads to bad posture as well as body aches and pains. Yoga is a great way to strengthen your core muscles that keep your body in proper alignment. It also helps you develop better awareness of your body positioning, and offers you various poses to help improve your overall posture.

19. Self-care

Taking time out of your busy schedule to practice yoga is an important part of your self-care routine. Whether you attend a class or practice at home, be sure to give yourself some time to unwind and reap all the benefits that yoga has to offer you. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it!

20. Meditative practice

Yoga is like your one stop shop for meditation and body work. Meditation has been linked with many health benefits including stress reduction, improved heart health, and pain management. Yoga is in many ways, a form of meditation as it encourages you to connect to your breath through mindful movement.

21. Overall well-being

When you consider all the benefits for mind and body that yoga has to offer, it isn’t hard to see why it has been gaining in popularity. A study was conducted on thirty men between the ages of 25-35 years demonstrating that regular yoga and meditation practice can be used to trigger a feeling of improved overall well-being.

why men should do yoga

Take away

There are many reasons why men should do yoga.

With benefits for mind, body, and soul, this ancient practice can help restore health and wellness.

Cultivate peace and balance with yoga and see for yourself the immense impact it can have in your life.

Who knows, you might just feel better, think clearer, and find renewed energy in the bedroom!

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